Double wire stripper with touch screen and jump tube

This is a fully automatic cable cutting and stripping machine. It can complete wire cutting, wire stripping at both ends, and wire stripping in the middle.

Model: HL-SDB2/S
Brand: Hilong





Electrical connection: 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ    

Operation interface: 4.3 inch Chinese and English switching touch screen display

Machine dimension: 460*470*325mm

Wire length range19999mm

Strip lengthFront end:0-30;rear end:0-30mm

Length accuracy ± (0.002xL)mm

Intermediate peeling times:16 times

Wire cross section:  Double wire 0.12.5mm²; Single wire 0.14mm²

Max conduit inside diameter:6mm

Wire material:PVC,Teflon,Braided,Fiberglass wire

Blade material: hard tungsten steel

Transport speed: (L=100MM piece/hour 5000-10000 pieces

Driving mode: four-wheel drive (silent hybrid stepper motor, 0.1mm forward per step)