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+ Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
+ terminal Crimping machine
+ cutting machine
+ stripping machine
+ Pneumatic sheller
+ wire twisting machines
+ Enamelled Wire Stripping Machine
+ Terminal machine Applicator
+ machine blade
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Hilong Company has been committed to the development of electrical control system, mechanical components and micro-computer software. We have the rich experience in these area.
we are professional in manufacturing of electromechanical equipment,because we have some high-precision CNC digitalized machines and high-precision measuring equipments , also together with skilled operators. We specialize in wire harness process equiqment, such as full-automatic Cutting Stripping machine, Crimping machine, Stripping machine,Twisting machine, Enamelled wire paint scraper, and Peripheral equipments ,such as Pad printer and Mark printer.

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AC plug terminal crimping machine, terminal crimping machine,cutting machine,wire twisting machines,Pneumatic sheller,Terminal machine, mould,applicator,blade, wire cutting and stripping machine, punches, wire splice machine.